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I am...

A technology enthusiast with a creative mind and inventive thinking. Procured with the skill to make complicated things work by analysing and learning things in a short time. 

I am a Computer Science graduate and have worked in Python Development, REST APIs, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Engineering and Cloud Computing. Currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer in Hitch Works Inc., Seattle, USA and developing algorithms based on Natural Language Processing and scalable deploying them.   

I am open to working on a research-oriented project which requires a substantial amount of thinking to solve a problem. I have published two research papers in IEEE and looking for more to add. 

Interested in impacting society from the root level by spreading free education and solving mental health issues among people. Looking for an idea on how technology can help to solve this problem. Email me if you have an idea for solving this obstacle.


Phone Number: +91 79865 654546

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