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I adpoted a kitten. His name is Puchku.


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I am...

A geeky tech enthusiast passionate about everything related to the field. However, I have a particular interest in AI/ML and Data Science. I can even spend my vacations reading AI research papers. 


I'm proud to say that I was a student of the "Godfather of AI," Yann Lecun, at NYU's Center for Data Science. During my time at NYU, I excelled as a student and was even nominated for Masters' Research fellowship awards by the co-director of my program for my contributions to their research.


A professor from "Design and Innovation" even wrote a public LinkedIn post stating, "I was lucky to have him as a student." I achieved numerous accomplishments that impressed all my professors.


But it's not just NYU. At every place I've worked, I've made a significant impact. I'm often described as someone "who can make anything work," a person "with great creative ideas," and someone who "never says no unless it genuinely won't work." I'll refrain from boasting further, but every company I've worked for still keeps in touch with me, occasionally, my ex-coworkers reach out to discuss tech.


I've primarily collaborated with startups, helping them evolve from mere concepts to successful products. My creations are used by millions, and that’s what makes me really happy!


While not all my research papers are my proudest achievements, one of them anticipated the essence of what Bard and Bing search would become, way back in 2021! There's more I could share, like winning a startup competition on mental health and nearly becoming an entrepreneur. 


Now, let's delve deeper into who I truly am...


At heart, I'm a dreamer reluctant to be tethered by reality. I'm torn between my love for tech and my appreciation for the arts. I have a secret Instagram account where I post my singing videos. I'm passionate about psychology, astrophysics, travel, and learning about every conceivable subject. 


I have a keen eye for fonts, colors, and alignment. I'm a food enthusiast, and I'm earnestly trying to hone my cooking skills.

I'm driven by three missions in life: educating the underprivileged, eradicating hunger, and enhancing mental health to alleviate suffering.



I used to meditate frequently, but it's been two years since I paused. I yearn to resume. I cherish moments spent amidst trees, I find myself missing New York City (despite my reservations when I lived there), but most of all, I deeply miss my family. 


Achieving dreams demands sacrifices: a balance between staying grounded in reality and aiming high, yet never ceasing to dream.

Machine Learning Engineer
Gisual, Philadelphia, USA


MS in Computing, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation 

NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and

Stern School of Business

New York, USA

Machine Learning Engineer

Hitch Works Inc. (Acquired by ServiceNow)

Seattle, USA

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Brainentech Neuroscience

Bangalore, India

Data Engineer


London, UK

Cyber Security Consultant


Gurgaon, India



B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with Data Science Specialization

PES University

Bangalore, India

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